Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Updated 05/11/22:   

Helllloooooo everyone! Thank you for reading (or rereading) this as I’ve encouraged.  

I want to continue to update you on my office policies.  Even though recommendations and mandates continue to evolve as we learn more about this dang virus, not all currently apply to dental and medical offices, per the CDC, ADA, & VDA.  Therefore, the following procedures will apply for your visit:

  • You will receive an automated text (and/or email/phone call if you don’t respond), the day before your appointment to complete the COVID prescreening. It’s quick and easy so please do it!  It must be done by 2 p.m. the day prior to your appointment or I may have to cancel your reserved time and offer it to someone else.    
  • Consent forms, if you have not done one, must be printed, completed, and brought with you!  Please let me know and I can email it to you.
  • Hand sanitizer is perched on the reception desk counter and you will be asked to use it immediately upon entry and before touching anything. 🙂
  • All countertops, door handles, pens, clipboards, hand sanitizer dispensers, credit cards, and bathroom (if used) are still disinfected repeatedly throughout the day.  
  • Multiple, medical-grade purifiers with high-efficiency, H-13 HEPA filters and anion generators from Medify Air are running non-stop, with a 1 hour super-cleanse at the end of each day.
  • Dual suctions, including the Re-Leaf, are used on every patient, every appointment, no exceptions.
  • All reading material has been removed from the reception area (except for kids) since it’s difficult to disinfect.
  • All patients will perform a pre-procedural rinse with the Tooth & Gum Tonic.
  • Dental unit water lines are cleaned and shocked regularly.  
  • I continue to maintain strict adherence to general cleanliness throughout the office.  Anyone who’s been here knows how spotless this office is!
  • This is also not something new, but I continue to do weekly spore testing on the autoclave by an independent lab, as well as running tests in each and every load using Class 5 (the highest) chemical indicators.

Given all these initiatives and added constraints, appointment times and options will be more limited, so I ask you to be more flexible with your schedules.    

thank you in advance and extend my gratitude for your understanding and cooperation.                                   

Stay healthy and get vaccinated!

Dr. Dina