Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Hi everyone! Thank you for reading (or rereading) this.  

I want to continue to update you on my office policies.  There is an uptick beginning again, so I ask that everyone act respectfully and be cognizent when you’re in the office.  Use the hand sanitizer as soon as you enter–it is conveniently placed on the reception counter, wash your hands after you use the restroom (I’m shocked how often this is NOT done!), and don’t touch things if you’ve just put your fingers in your mouth! 🙂  Yes, that happens a lot too.

I continue to implement the following:

  • Multiple, medical-grade purifiers with high-efficiency, H-13 HEPA filters and anion generators from Medify Air are running non-stop, with a 1 hour super-cleanse at the end of each day.
  • All reading material has been removed from the reception area (except for kids) since it’s difficult to disinfect.
  • All patients will perform a pre-procedural rinse with the Tooth & Gum Tonic.
  • Dental unit water lines are disinfected daily and super shocked weekly.
  • Strict adherence to general cleanliness throughout the office.  Anyone who’s been here knows how spotless this office is!
  • This is also not something new, but I continue to do weekly spore testing on the autoclave by an independent lab, as well as running tests in each and every load using Class 5 (the highest) chemical indicators.

thank you in advance, and extend my gratitude for your understanding and cooperation.                                   

Dr. Dina