Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos

 After being hit with a ski pole

 The tooth was rebuilt, by hand, with tooth-colored composite.  This was one happy 12 year old!

Full face photo of her 
pre-treatment smile
 Close up of pre-treatment smile, showing ‘black triangles’ at the corners of her mouth
Close up of her failing upper bridge and worn lower teeth
Overview of her upper arch, with the failing bridge
and several missing teeth

Overview of her lower arch, with missing teeth and
a lot of wear on the front teeth
 Full face view of her
post-treatment smile
 Close up of her upper implant-retained denture, with no more black triangles at the corner of her mouth

 Close up of her lower arch after implants, crowns, and cosmetic work on the front teeth to even them out

Full face picture of
his pre-treatment smile
 Close up of his failing & discolored restorations, including a metal post on the left center tooth
                                                                 Close up after the front two teeth have                                                                been removed and implants placed
Full face view of the final restorations
and a happy patient
 Close up of the final implant crowns
on his top center teeth

Full face view of her
pre-treatment smile
Short, square, and dull crowns on her upper arch 
 Close-up view of old, short, “chalky” looking crowns on her upper arch
Full face view of her
post-treatment smile 
 Proper length crowns after cosmetic crown lengthening,
with lifelike tranlucency
 Final, gorgeous result with new crowns on her upper arch

 Full face view of her pre-treatment smile with misaligned teeth
 Close-up view of broken, decayed, & non-restorable lower teeth and a ‘rollercoaster’ bottom arch
 Another view of her lower arch before treatment

 Final result with a gorgeous, natural smile and one thrilled lady
 Another view of her new upper arch with properly colored, aligned, and lengthened crowns and veneeers

 Close-up view of her new lower arch after removing teeth and placing a 9-unit implant bridge & 3 individual crowns

 Pre-treatment smile with stained fillings in between teeth, & discoloration, uneven lengths, & shape of
 Final smile with new crowns on the 4 upper front teeth, with proper shade, shape, & length

 Front view of missing tooth with implant in place and healing cap on top of the implant
Side view of implant in place
with healing cap on top 
 Final implant crown and abutment
with perfect esthetics

 Side view of final implant crown and abutment with perfect esthetics

 Single implant crown on an upper, center tooth, including pink porcelain at the gumline for maximum esthetics        

 Final smile with an incredible,
                             lifelike implant crown                                                                                                                                                          

Upper front veneer and crowns that are mismatched in shade, shape, and contour


Close up of pre-treatment smile with mismatched restorations 

Final smile with beautiful restorations that match in shade, shape and contour
Close up of final smile with new crowns that     
follow the curvature of her lips and match
in contour and color 



Severely discolored, wide, and
overly-long center crown

New crown with beautiful esthetics and proper length.
(She requested to keep the center gap in her teeth.)

Missing lower front 3 teeth due to gum disease 
and bone loss
Close-up of missing lower front
3 teeth

Final result of lower implant-retained bridge

Close-up of final implant-retained bridge replacing the 3 missing teeth


Severely broken and worn-down lower front teeth
Fiber-bonded, hand sculpted, tooth colored composite to rebuild the lower front teeth

Pre-treatment photo showing missing teeth and collapsed lips & cheeks

After treatment with supported lips and cheeks giving her a beautiful

new smile

Side profile with perfect tooth symmetry to lip curvature

Old denture smile–noting the ‘dark’ areas that form at the corners of her mouth

Old upper denture and lower partial denture with metal clasps visible

Beautiful, new smile with new dentures


New upper & lower natural-looking, complete dentures
(Notice no darkness at the corners of her mouth!)