Dental Crowns

A crown is a lab-fabricated cover that is placed over a tooth to restore its normal shape, size, and function. Crowns are made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of both, and look and feel like your natural teeth.

Indications For A Crown:

  • a cavity that is too large and leaves insufficient tooth structure to hold a filling
  • cracked or broken teeth
  • severely worn down teeth
  • posterior tooth that has undergone root canal treatment
  • discolored or misshapen teeth
  • existing crown with a new cavity beneath it
  • fixes ‘smile’ and functional chewing problems
  • bite correction

How Long Does It Take To Make A Crown?

Fabricating a crown takes two visits. Initially, we will remove any old restorations and decay, shape the tooth, take an impression, and apply a temporary crown allowing you to function normally.

On the subsequent visit, we will remove the temporary crown, fit the definitive crown, and cement or bond it into place. On average, crowns last 7-10 years with proper home care and good oral health.